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Whether it's your first cruise or your tenth (or more), call Kohl's Travel Spot to help find a cruise that fits you. That could be a cruise on one of the 23 Fun Ships from Carnival, including many of the largest and newest ships at sea. Meals, spectacular entertainment, programs for children of all ages and the most exciting destinations. Destinations in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii and Europe. Quite possibly the best value in cruising and maybe the best value in vacations, period. Call us today and let us help get you on your way! Of course, there is a myriad of cruising options out there. There is a whole world to see and often the best way to see it is on a cruise. Try Freestyle Cruising with Norwegian Cruise Lines to see what we mean. No fixed meal times and you'll never have to eat in the same restaurant twice. A thousand fun things to do, or not. With NCL's Freestyle Crusing, you're free to do whatever. And talk about seeing the world. Try a Mediterranean or South American cruise or even a Transatlantic cruise.

The possiblities and opportunities for the trip of a lifetime with a cruise are almost boundless. Let us help you navigate the waters. Call us at 877-863-5514. You can also click on the banner below and start booking your own cruise today. Also check our Deals and Specials page a wide variety of cruise adventures.